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Pink Floyd Tattoos

Pink Floyd Tattoos are actually design art of Famous band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was English rock band which achieved goal of international level bands and they were on everyone’s mind. The band sung many songs in different hit albums. Every album has its own cover art which is now turned into tattoos. Lovers of Pink Floyd band still tattooed their signs of cover albums on their body. This rock band rocked on hearts of all. It was basically founded by students in 1965 names of those students were Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright.Their success story begin from underground music in which they perform in London back in 1960’s.


The band has sold about 250 Million albums worldwide in 74.5 million are included sold in United States. They sung many albums after reaching at international levels. Each album has its own cover art so as different tattoo design. Some of albums released internationally by Pink Floyd band are listed below.

1- The Dark Side Of Moon
2- Wish You Were Here
3- The Wall
4- The Final Cut
5- The Division Bell
Band did many live performances. The most famous tattoo from this band is design of album “The Dark Side Of Moon”. Because i

t has cover of prism looking shape containing colors of prism on moving. A triangle shape tattoo looks cool on arm having all prism colors dissolved in it with dark background. This is truly amazing tattoo; I’d love to have one.

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Pink-Floyd-Tattoos-5 Pink-Floyd-Tattoos-6 Pink-Floyd-Tattoos-7 Pink-Floyd-Tattoos-8

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