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Tribal Tattoos For Women

The lines between ‘male’ and ‘female’ tattoos are blurred; traditionally men went for the typical skulls, crosses and bulldogs while women chose flowers, hearts and cute animals. Such a stereotype isn’t true any longer, ask any tattooist and they’ll tell you they can expect to ink pretty much anything on anyone these days.



One style of tattoo which is popular for both genders is the tribal tattoo. Again, there isn’t a particular gender-oriented style but female tribal designs lean more towards the curvy, flowing style than the more spiky, thorny look of one a man might favour. Often the female tribal design will intertwine with vines, flowers or butterflies, resulting in a feminine yet ‘tough’ look which can be extremely attractive, if inked well and in a good location on the body.

Tribal tattoos for women tend to use lighter and/or thinner lines, and often have ‘sparkly’ embellishments to them. Quite often they will form an abstract picture of a heart or animal, as opposed to a man’s tribal tattoo which is often just a non-specific pattern.

Tribal back tattoos provide years of enjoyment. which is highly popular.

Simple tribal tattoos design is most used by female,You should choose tattoo which suits your taste and fashion statement.
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