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Tribal Cover Up Tattoos

Tribal tattoos refer to the tattoos of tribal, warrior races and modern derivative designs that are influenced by ancient art. The modern word “tattoo” has its origins in the tribal Samoan word “tatau”. The first written reference to tribal tattoos is in the journal of Joseph Banks, an 18th century biologist and naturalist who travelled with Captain Cook aboard the …

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Tribal Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are one of the few taboos left when it comes to body art (closely following face, and neck tattoos). Whatever design a wearer chooses, the placement signifies a commitment; whether it be to a loved one, to a certain religion, or even just to their desire for bold, statement-making body art.   Most people like to start out …

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Tribal Tattoo For Men| Images| Meaning| Ideas

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Nasty Factor About Tribal Most Popular social group Tribal Tattoo for Men: during this modern era, body Tribal Tattoo styles are a unit gaining a lot of and a lot of quality during a fast rate. Many folks think about it a nasty factor, however it’s solely a sort of body art which give a brand new and distinctive look …

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Lily Tattoos

LILY TATTOOS AND HISTORY The lily flower is one of the most widely known and recognized flowers in the entire world. To a variety of cultures all around the world, the lily flower is very symbolic and important. The beauty of this exotic flower makes for a great tattoo design for anyone. In this article, you will be able to …

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Flame Tribal Tattoos

People are so creative when making images. Not just images but images with everlasting meanings. Tattoos were introduced to the world way back 3300 BC. It started with a face tattoo used in identifying animals. As years go by, the art has evolved into face tattoos. Until now, tattoos are widely used and common to teens and western guys. What’s …

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Tribal Turtle Tattoos

If you are considering getting some type of animal tattoo you might want to consider a turtle design. Many of the native cultures such as the Hawaiian and Native Americans to name a few have a deep respect for the turtle. It’s careful deliberative movements are a rich symbol for inner reflection and peace. Thus mean people feel a close …

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Wing Tattoo| Tattoo Wings| Angel Wing Tattoos

Wings Tattoos, Angel Wings Tattoo, Eagle Wings Tattoo

Wings tattoo designs can be made as a memorial for a family member, to signify a person’s spiritual technique or to signify purity and satisfaction. Wings tattoo art have also used the visuals of these incredible people so they can improve their own elegance and excellence. wings tattoo can be men, women or androgynous. wings tattoo art designs work often …

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Horse Tattoos

Tattoo of horses are for those who spend their maximum time with horses. If you are riding a horse and there is a beautiful tattoo on your upper arm it will look amazing and if you are a girl and you have a tattoo on your leg it will change your personality totally. You would feel excellent change in yourself. …

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Dave Navarro Tattoos

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves, as the expression goes. Others live their lives mapped on their bodies in indelible ink. Dave Navarro has tattooed the highs and lows of his own life into his skin. If you’ve always been curious about his tattoos, we’ll explore the ink from head to toe!   Who is Dave Navarro? A brief …

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