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How to Fix a Bad Tattoo

By  Jenessa Connor Credit: Charles Thatcher / Getty Images Most tattoos come with a story. If yours is, “I’m not sure what I was thinking,” you’re not alone. Cover-ups account for at least half of the tattoos at Leathernecks Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, says owner Kenneth “K-Bar” Restrepo. Not surprisingly, names of exes are among the biggest offenders. (“In …

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Scorpion Men Tattoos

Scorpion is the creature which has been used across the ages to express the fear and its power across the ages as its sting is sign of aggressive nature. The scorpions have also been used to represent disaster, darkness and death so as a symbol “scorpion” has been used in many cultures of wisdom, death and self-destruction but in the …

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Dragon Tattoos| Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

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The word “dragon” is a Greek word, derived from “derkein,” meaning “sharp-sighted one,”, in Latin it means “giant snake”.In old ages dragon were protective symbol. They were valued for their powerful qualities, they were protectors and defenders as a tattoo dragon represents a power and strength. A dragon tattoo symbolizes different things depending on the culture.

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Types of Dragon Tattoo Ideas| Meaning & Image Gallery

Dragon Tattoo on Shoulder, Dragon Tattoo on Back, Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Dragon tattoo styles is an indication of bravery, durability and knowledge that are regarded to be friendly animals to people. These types of tattoo styles are very common in Asia. Dragon tattoo designs are most attractive and stylish those are mostly popular with females. The dragon tattoo designs are mostly inked by area. They liked to make the dragon tattoo …

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Tattoo On Face Picture Gallary Designs

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The  tattoo on face art design itself have been completely identified as with the most important connected with  tattoo design style design. Face  tattoo designs art can be faced where any part of one’s  tattoo and can be faced with other  tattoo on face designs designs as well . Face  tattoo designs  tattoo designs designs are so well-known in the …

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