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Pink Floyd Tattoos

Pink Floyd Tattoos are actually design art of Famous band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was English rock band which achieved goal of international level bands and they were on everyone’s mind. The band sung many songs in different hit albums. Every album has its own cover art which is now turned into tattoos. Lovers of Pink Floyd band still tattooed …

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Thailand Flag Tattoos

Thailand flag has five horizontal stripes colors of red, white, blue, white, red. The design was adopted officially on 28 september 1917. In the flag blue stripe is placed in the center of flag it is twice in size of each color. Each stripe has its own meanings like red stripe represents Thailand’s nation. White stripe represents the religion of …

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Led Zeppelin Tattoos

Led Zeppelin Tattoos has their own characteristics and specifications regarding their designs of signs. Every member of Led Zeppelin has chosen a metaphysical symbol which represents them in some way for the cover of their fourth album. I’m giving here some of examples of Led Zeppelin Signs chosen by personalities of band and also writing what they think about these signs …

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