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Led Zeppelin Tattoos

Led Zeppelin Tattoos has their own characteristics and specifications regarding their designs of signs. Every member of Led Zeppelin has chosen a metaphysical symbol which represents them in some way for the cover of their fourth album. I’m giving here some of examples of Led Zeppelin Signs chosen by personalities of band and also writing what they think about these signs as I’ve explained that each member of Led Zeppelin has its own design of tattoo.


John Paul Jones has chosen a circle over three interlocking oval and according to him it is thought to represent confident and competent person and he feels that too.

Bonham took three interlocking circles and which is thought to symbolize the man/woman/child trilogy.

Plant chose circle around feather and it represents the justice and fairness of Egyptian’s goddess, Ma’at.

While fourth member took his own designed sign,

Page created his own symbol which means or represents mystery, this symbol resembles with the sign of Mercury.

All members chose their own signs for the cover of album. Page said in an interview that first of all it was being thought that we just want only one symbol but later we thought that since it was IV album and we are four members so we can choose our own signs, so I designed my own symbol while others chose their signs too.

And now everyone get inked by a Led Zeppelin four signs on their body because they love it and tattoos are great way to express your love with someone.

 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-1  Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-2 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-3 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-5
Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-6 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-7 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-8-300x202 Led-Zeppelin-Tattoos-81

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