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Army Tattoos

Actually meaning of Army Tattoos were performance of their drum, but later on it came as display of army more generally. Up to now there are many people who served in US army or serving at present they belong to their own battalion, platoon, unit or brigade that has its own brave and illustrious past. So many men and women soldiers have chosen to show their level by choosing their own unique tattoo designs.  According to Samuel M.


Steward, author and Ph.D., “The popularity of tattoos among the armed forces was greatest in the Navy, with the Army second, and the Marines third.

Far down the scale was the Air Force…” Tattoo and army has colorful history. By passing time the love of army has not changed it’s still the same for them as it was in 1900’s. Army men are so passionate about their tattoos. It seems like more than 90 % army men have this Army tattoo on their body or shoulder. Army Tattoos have different designs and it depends on army man or other who wants Army Tattoo that in which style and design wanted to go for. In Army Tattoos there is skull with amazing art work which actually looks amazing on shoulder or arm of well maintained person. And apparently this tattoo is growing vastly in public. There are men who like army or want to join army get tattooed Army Tattoo on their shoulder or arm. But US Army also have their policy about their Army Tattoo according to this policy visible Army Tattoos  or bands on neck, head and face is prohibited and some others.

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