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Band Tattoos


Band Tattoos are very popular nowadays. They are very trendy and fashionable when we talk about tattoo creativity. The meaning of this tattoo is not easily understandable sometimes by viewer. This tattoo is mostly placed on arm and when we talk about Arm Band Tattoos then there are different types of Arm Band Tattoos.Some of them are detailed below:

1- The Ultimate Hawaiian Armband Tattoo

According to PBS websites which tell story about “Skin Stories”, a person having arm band tattoo which is based on design of ocean-inspired is symbol of aboriginal pride of Hawaiians. This tattoo became cultural symbol back in 1970’so it’s modern and not related to old tradition of Kakau.


2- Barbed Wire Armband

This tattoo used to identify quickly the Russian Mafia member who had been pinched and this was according to “Ethos Magazine”. Barbed wire was barbed wires that surrounded prisons. Tattoo explained the severity of crime where it was located on a body.

3- Solid Black Armband

It is thought in Japan that solid black ring around man’s arm can inspire fear and discomfort. Aichi Center for Japanese Studies was the reason behind this belief because according to them putting Solid Black Band meant to person is a Yakuza Member. The center points out that Yakuza is also similar in some ways to Mafia in America.

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