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Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff Tattoos In a recent interview with Nylon Magazine Hilary Duff revealed that she has a new tattoo. She got the word “Shine” tattooed on her hand. “It’s just for me to look at and remember. I feel like it’s easy to lose your shine, to lose that special thing about yourself. “When you get busy or you get tired and you feel like everything is fake or the world is against you, it’s important to keep your character and to let your light shine.” Here’s another picture of Hilary’s “Shine” tattoo from September 13, 2010: Hilary-Duff-Tattoos2 This is Hilary’s 4th tattoo by my count. Here are the others: “Let It Be…” on her right foot, and a small anchor on her left ankle. “ma petite amie” on her right side. Hilary reportedly got this one with her friend and former MuchMusic VJ Leah Miller. Apparently both girls got the same tattoo on the same spot on their bodies. The french words translate to “my girlfriend.” UPDATE: It looks like Hilary has gotten a fifth tattoo on her neck: UPDATE: May 19, 2010. Hilary’s newest (sixth) tattoo is on her right arm. It looks like it says “Stand By Me.” Here is a picture of Hilary’s “stand by me” tattoo from September 13, 2010: UPDATE: August 12, 2010. No new tattoos, but here’s a closer look at Hilary’s “Let It Be…” and Anchor foot tattoos. UPDATE: January 16, 2011 Hilary was spotted getting her 7th tattoo this weekend at Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood. The tattoo from above turned out to be a wishbone on Hilary’s right arm. A fan on Twitter asked what the tattoo was, and she responded: “lol it’s actually a wish bone..” It turns out that Hilary actually got two new tattoos recently. That explains the band-aid in the above picture. The other tattoo (her 8th) says “Thick as Thieves.” The expression means to be very friendly or close to somebody. UPDATE: January 23, 2012. While leaving pilates class, Hilary waved to a camera revealing what could be two new tattoos on her right wrist. One looks like it could be a heart, and the other one looks like it could be an “L” or possibly a smaller wishbone. These are so small though I’m not even sure they are tattoos. They could be random ink smudges. UPDATE: October 26, 2012. Hilary tweeted a picture of herself getting a new bird (sparrow) tattoo on her right forearm, right above her “stand by me” tattoo.

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