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Scarlett Johansson Tattoos

She’s already amassed a fairly extensive collection of body art. And Scarlett Johansson has now added to her selection of inkings with a brand new horseshoe tattoo on her ribcage. Inscribed with the phrase Lucky You, the etching features an outline of the traditional symbol of good luck surrounded by a series of stars. Earlier this year, the star unveiled a tattoo tribute to New York City on her wrist.Scarlett-Johansson-Tattoos6Although at a first glance the piece looks like a bracelet, the words I Heart NY can clearly be seen inscribed onto the rosary bead charm. Scarlett also has a sun rising over the sea design on her left forearm, while on her ankle she has two circles interlinked with the letter A. The blonde beauty has previously said her tattoos make her ‘happy’ but she prefers that the meanings behind them ‘remain private.’ Scarlett has most recently appeared in new movie Hitchcock, which centres on the relationship between Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville, played by actress Helen Mirren, during the making of the director’s iconic 1960 thriller, Psycho. The movie sees Johansson fill the role of Janet Leigh, who was famously ‘killed’ in the shower scene for her Golden Globe-winning performance as Marion Crane. Director Sacha Gervasi previously said: ‘The extent to which Scarlett was able to channel Janet [was] a real surprise. She brought it in such a way that no one really anticipated.

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