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Pink Floyd Tattoos

Pink Floyd Tattoos are actually design art of Famous band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was English rock band which achieved goal of international level bands and they were on everyone’s mind. The band sung many songs in different hit albums. Every album has its own cover art which is now turned into tattoos. Lovers of Pink Floyd band still tattooed …

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Cute Star Tattoos

From our child hood we are watching the stars up in the sky. You know what stars mean to us they are our dreams. How will it look if we tattoo stars on our body. Stars are known as a symbol of pride. Stars are so cute. Girls like cuteness and little stars looks so much cool.

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Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin yang tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos now days. This symbol belongs to Chinese philosophy, Chinese science and Chinese martial arts. The concept of yin yang is related to Taijitu symbol and well known in western cultures. Westerns believes in yin yang relates to evil and good. The symbol is divided into two sides white and black. …

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Lower Back Star Tattoos

If you are searching about lower back star tattoos then this is a perfect place will give you knowledge and will also have some exciting designs. These designs are famous among women. Lower back is a body place adopted by women to show their figure. Star tattoo on lower back is excellent choice to have tattoos. This is a most …

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