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Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin yang tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos now days. This symbol belongs to Chinese philosophy, Chinese science and Chinese martial arts. The concept of yin yang is related to Taijitu symbol and well known in western cultures. Westerns believes in yin yang relates to evil and good. The symbol is divided into two sides white and black. The blacked side is known as yin and the white side is known as yang. Yin yang is opposite to each other. They have deep symbolic meaning.


They are opposite like male and female, the dark and the night, cold and hot, good and evil, high and low, life and death. We can say them the balance of life. These tattoos are so much cool due to its deep symbolic meaning they are getting famous day by day.You can wear these designs on your shoulder, ankle, back, wrist and on your elbow too. I have collected many designs for you I hope you will like these designs. Must comment us if you like the designs and increased your information about yin yang.


 Yin-Yang-Tattoos-1  Yin-Yang-Tattoos-2  Yin-Yang-Tattoos-3  Yin-Yang-Tattoos-4
Yin-Yang-Tattoos-6 Yin-Yang-Tattoos-7 Yin-Yang-Tattoos-8 Yin-Yang-Tattoos-51

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