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Green Tattoos

Green located in the chest and is, as such, associated with the heart. It is part of the element of air, ruled by Venus, connected to wisdom and is represented in gemstones by the emerald. Green is the place of unconditional love and the place that holds grief and anger not dealt with. When you have too much green, you may be too possessive, sensitive, demanding or emotionally manipulative.

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Wearing a little red or pink or having a little red or pink in the environment can help to balance this out. When you have too little green in your life, you may be full of anger, grief, feel sorry for yourself, are paranoid, indecisive, feel untrustworthy of love and are frightened of rejection.Those in balance with green are empathetic, compassionate, nurturing, forgiving and in touch with their feelings. Green, being associated with things that grow from the earth, has always been thought of as regenerative, but like any color it has its negative aspect, which is associated with jealousy and envy. The Celts used green as regenerative in their mythology of the leprechaun who is quite mischievous and the keeper of treasures. The Druids believe green to be a color of learning. The Christians equate green with Christ’s cross and the Holy Grail. In Islam, the color green represents the prophet Muhammad. In China, green jade is one of their most revered stones thought to bring the best of good luck. I’ve been using more green in my tattooing lately, especially this one color called snot green (that’s the real name of it!). I love it. I can’t get enough of it and it especially goes in well with a little white ink. I have my morning ritual where I make up my concoction of herbal ingredients with yogurt and blend it together and put it in a large plastic green transparent glass. Somehow, the green color is reassuring and helps me feel healthy, alive and full of energy.

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