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Tool Tattoos

Tools Tattoos are basically sign of Tool metal bands; “Tool” is alternative for Tool Metal Band. The band started as heavy metal group. The band has strong loyal fan base and clashed with public and music industry itself. The members of band did what exactly what they wanted to do without any opinion of anyone and surely they walk on their paths because of this someone said that they are selling their work but they continued their work by their means.


It of course generated lots of attention from tattoo designing world. Industry came up rapidly after this band as this band was being liked by many and many people as growing.So tattoo industry started to print cover designs of albums of this band as tattoos. Here I’m going to discuss some of albums and their signs or tattoo designs.
1- Tool Flaming Eye Logo
The mage on this album was associated to with symbol of Tool. This image copied as tattoo widely and it shows that how much fans of this band liked this album as they want to get inked with the tattoo.
2- Flaming Eye Tattoo
It is the first tattoo with clean lines joining each other gives overall view of flaming eye to viewer.
3- Great “Tool” Tattoo
Well this is most awesome look of band name. “Tool” is written inside clip looking thing in oval shape and is written in beautiful way.

4- Controversial “Tool” Wrench Tattoo
This tattoo has little bigger size of all Too

l tattoos. This looks like almost a wrench.
5- Two Great Flaming Eye Designs
This is most creative tattoos I’ve ever seen. Two half circles of eyeballs disjointing each other in designed shape of eye.
6- Stinkfist Tattoo from Tool
This tattoo is also popular in Tattoo Industry. It has flaming eye tattoo above and lyrics from Stinkfist written just below of flaming eye tattoo design.

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