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Pantera Tattoos

Pantera is word which has meaning of Panther. Such tattoos which lie under pantera name usually have sign of panther moving or running by some angles and mostly tattooed on shoulder, back and neck. Moreover Pantera is Portuguese word. Actually the Pantera Tattoos are famous because of a band which name Pantera Band. The members of Pantera Band are rocking so they have chosen best tattoo designs for their band as keeping inn view the modern trend of tattoos nowadays. People are very keen to know about ban and get this tattoo inked on their body.


A man whose name is Philip Anselmo is best knowing front of this band. He has a great reputation regarding his work. He tattooed on his arm and back mostly but nowadays he get inked with other tattoos not pantera.But people still love pantera style design and get inked with that tattoo, simply they love the art work on Pantera Tattoo design. Pantera Band is one those bands which forced fans to get inked with Pantera Tattoos by its popularity. This band started in back 1981. This band done it’s carrier for sixteen years, this was long carrier to become famous and this time was far enough and at that I think no one was there which don’t know about Pantera Band. As influence started spreading people started getting inked with their tattoos. There type of tattoos contains mostly Panter (Panther) looking shape, skull, horrible faces and flames mixing with all design.

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