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Chinese Dragon Tattoos

A Dragon tattoo is one of the most powerful tattoos, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. Strength, courage, and fortitude is the most common symbolism of a Dragon. But every culture has its own meaning and symbolism.In Chinese culture, the dragons are considered the governors of rain, where and when the rain falls.In Chinese Festivals, Dragons play an important role  and the dragon dance has a long history  Chinese even consider themselves “the descendants of the dragon” and presence of dragons is richly involved in their culture, which is considered to be a symbol of imperial power.In Chinese culture,mid-spring is the season of the Dragon, its direction is east-southeast, and its fixed element is wood.


Below the nine dragons with their characteristics:

  • P’u-lao:  Alerts one to danger, and serves as a protector
  • Ch’iu-niu:  Creator of  energy
  • Pi-his:  Provider of knowledge, luck and upholds the virtue of finer education
  • Pa-hsia:  Provider of strength and support
  • Chao-feng:  Guardian of the holy places, sacred lands, and holy temples
  • Chih wen:  Symbolizes the power of water over fire
  • Suan-ni:  Mighty protector and emblem against theft, loss or betrayal of any kind
  • Yai-tzu:  Protector and guardian against any physical harm
  • Pi-kau:  Defends again litigation, verbal disputes, or false accusationsThe true Chinese dragons have five claws because Chinese boast that their dragons are the “true dragons” and the proof of this lies in the number of claws on the dragon’s foot otherwise the Japanese dragons have four claws, and the Vietnamese dragons have only three.

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