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Simple Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular category in tattoos. They are very famous. Basically dragons are one of the most famous traditional creatures. There are two types of dragons:

• Eastern Dragons
• Western Dragons
1. It Is believed that eastern dragons are the protectors of life they are very good and protect from the evil.
2. On the other hand for western dragons it is believed that they destroy


villages are very evil and guard treasures.
In tattoos you would found eastern dragons and verity of styles. Dragon tattoos are mostly seen in black colour and it is drawn with flames and fire. Japanese and chinese dragon tattoos are famous there styles are unique its upto you what type of tattoo you choose. Dragon tattoos are famous among both men and women. Dragon tattoos have different meanings to different people.
Women wear this tattoo for protection, courage and stregnth. On the other hand men wear this tattoo for courage, strength, protection and force. They believe that dragon will protect from the evil forces.
Men like to place these simple dragon tattoos on:
• Shoulders
• Arms
• Legs
• Back
And women like to place simple dragon tattoos on:
• Upper back


• Foot
• Ankle
• Shoulder
• Ribs
We have collected some interesting simple tattoo designs for you. Pick one of your favourite dragon tattoo which one you like most and conselt it with your tattoo artist. Please tell us about our work in comments.

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images-22 stylized-dragon-tattoo swirldragon www.tattoo-wallpapers.com-user-content-uploads-wall-o-29-linear_dragon_tattoo_design

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