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Asian Dragon Tattoos

Dragons had warlike qualities; they were powerful, protective, and fearsome so they were loved for their qualities. Asian, Europeans etc. every culture having own definition for dragon tattoos. The Differences also exists in Asian Dragons, The Chinese dragons have five claws, the Japanese dragons have four claws, and the Vietnamese dragons have only three. The Chinese boast that their dragon is …

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Chinese Dragon Tattoos

A Dragon tattoo is one of the most powerful tattoos, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. Strength, courage, and fortitude is the most common symbolism of a Dragon. But every culture has its own meaning and symbolism.In Chinese culture, the dragons are considered the governors of rain, where and when the rain falls.In Chinese Festivals, Dragons play …

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Dragon Tattoos| Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

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The word “dragon” is a Greek word, derived from “derkein,” meaning “sharp-sighted one,”, in Latin it means “giant snake”.In old ages dragon were protective symbol. They were valued for their powerful qualities, they were protectors and defenders as a tattoo dragon represents a power and strength. A dragon tattoo symbolizes different things depending on the culture.

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Black Dragon Tattoos

In many ancient civilizations and modern cultures, Dragons are present as the legends and myths.Generally, the dragon tattoos represent as either good or evil, a symbol of hope and purity or of jealousy and malice.The great thing about dragon tattoos is that they can be inked in many number of  ways, variation with size, shape, design and even color. For some tattoos, …

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Celtic Dragon Tattoos

For express great power, you should choose Celtic dragon tattoo design. It is popularly inked on the different parts of the body like at the back with a larger size or as a arm band or from your ankle to your legs and from your distal to the upper arm. It has different forms and designs depending on your visualization …

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Tiger And Dragon Tattoos

Shooting Star tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the body art as they are available in different stylish designs and in beautiful colors. Shooting Star tattoos are Tiger tattoos are very popular among men and women because of its beautiful fur and beautiful stripes. Because of this animal’s beauty these are very famous in fashion and clothing. …

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Dragon Tattoos

One of the most gripping tattoos out there is the “dragon tattoos”. Now a days, On the market this the one of the most demanding and common design. According to old tribe believe, a person captured the power of imprinted creature on their skin. The word “dragon”  is a Greek word, derived from “derkein,” meaning “sharp-sighted one,”, in Latin it means “giant …

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