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Asian Dragon Girls Tattoos

Dragon tattoos for girls are very popular because of the variability in design and the meaning. In Chinese and Japanese culture alike, dragons are a very popular mythical creature. They represent the four points on a compass as well as the four elements. Represent at times, that renewal and birth cannot come within destruction and death. For the Chinese, dragons are a representation of imperial power. These mythical creatures are the ones responsible for making it rain because their mythological residence was in Heaven. Because of the creatures’ ability to shape shift, dragons are integrated into many different Chinese legends.


Japanese legends state that the dragon was the ancestor of the Emperor, hence the use as an Imperial symbol. Taoism incorporates the dragon, as displayed in artwork as the protector of Buddha. Other cultures have since integrated the dragon such as Western cultures which associate it with the exact opposite connotation as Chinese and Japanese cultures. The Western cultures turned it into evil creatures, though it was still used to create a sense of fear in enemies during wartime. These tattoos for girls can represent transformation, nobility, magic, loyalty, power, and imagination no matter the origins.

This design for girls are also popular in terms of the zodiac tattoos. Born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, or 2000 the zodiac dragon tattoos for girls is a popular design. It is very good to have a child born under the zodiac dragon because of the representations implied such as being full of life, having a foolhardy reputation, being enthusiastic, being intelligent, gifted, as well as perfectionist-making them demanding of others.

The colours and styles associated with these tattoos for girls are endless. Dragons are displayed in a myriad of colours and combinations. Some of these include fire-breathing dragons while some engage a nicer, cartoon display. Some represent stoicism, while others offer a sweeter face to the audience. There are many dragon tattoos for girls which are nothing but black, while others are so intricately designed that they require many colours and hues working their way from the interior scales to the exterior scales as well as working from top to bottom. Dragon tattoos for girls offer a wide array of options for anyone who is interested in tattoos.

A dragon tattoo on a woman usually acknowledges “woman as the creator.” Like the dragons of many mythologies, woman’s true body form is that of life, the world and the universe. It is this superior form that allows her to be without equal. Dragon body art also represents a flowing, fluid grace that conceals a reserve of power just beneath the cool surface. Studies have shown that women who get dragon tattoos become more self-confident and assertive.

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