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Fairy Girl Tattoos

Why are Fairy tattoos so popular among girls? Cultures all have different archetypes of what fairies look like and where they come from. Some fairy tattoos are characteristically ugly while some are delicate and feminine. All these different conceptions of fairies relate back to cultural beliefs and expectations. As a result, fairy tattoos are a great way for girls to showcase their personality and cultural beliefs! Celtic peoples believed that fairies were a class of people drive

n into hiding by humans when they took over the world. From this, several different legends about where fairies came from was born.

Cute Fairy Tattoo Designs For Girls

Some ancients through fairies were dead people come back to haunt the world and its hidden places. Fairies of this class are generally pale, thin and corpse-like. This is where the legend of the “Banshee” comes from. Still others believed fairies were elementals, which are spirits of different Earth elements. Fairies of this class are gnome-like of associated with rock or Earth, and elfish if associated with air.

In post-Christian legend, fairies were demoted angels that were locked from the heavens when God locked the gates. In Puritan America, fairies were demon spawn that resembled hob-gob

lins and ugly dwarf-like creatures. In modern times, most people think of fairies as beautiful nymph-like women with dragonfly or butterfly wings. This is heavily influenced by our conception of how art and literature portrays fairies.

For fairy tattoos, you can choose anything from ugly to beautiful! A Celtic-influenced design may represent memories and the transience of life. A playful hobgoblin may defy modern beauty standards and showcase courage against a norm. Still, the classic female nymph can signify feminine beauty, nature and Earth. Most girls prefer the cute fairy tattoos to portray their inner and outer beauty.

Fairy tattoos have many different designs, which is great because there’s something for everyone! If you’re interested in fairy tattoos, make sure you shop around and look at many different designs. The more you look at, the more likely you’ll find the best one that you won’t regret later.

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