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Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

The Hawaiian Islands are the largest part of the Polynesian Islands which consists of tribal clans like Maori and Samoan. Modern tribal tattoos are based on the traditional Polynesian tattoo art which is a combination of Hawaiian cultures and tribal traditions. Hawaiian tribal tattoos today show the emergence of the traditional “Tiki” cultures of Hawaii.


The Hawaiian tribal uses the color black which is mixture of kukui nuts and sugarcane juice. In the older days tattoo was done through the use of sharp parts of animals like claws and beaks of birds as no modern tattooing machine was available. Hawaiian tribal tattoos known as Kakau were practiced for a variety of reasons.

It was either said to be a symbol of mourning. Sometimes people used tattoos to even get protection from evil souls. Again Polynesian tattoos were even used for personal identification. Hawaiian tribal tattoos represent a form of celebrating the right of passage.

Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs are large and bold, comprising of dolphins, flowers, arrows, lizards and even sea turtles. Hawaiian tattoos use abstracts or specific designs which is based on the history of various Hawaiian Islands. Like if you are looking for protection then you can incorporate sharks teeth in your design.

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