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In these days in tattoo world the new trend started which is getting so much popular day by day is writing tattoos and tattoo quotes instead of having pictures or some other designs. These tattoos are sometimes combined with pictures also. The reason behind getting tattoos so much popular is that people thinks words can express the message better instead of pictures or some characters.


As you are getting older your body will have some changes it also effects on your tattoo. Tattoo lettering is best thing to have your body. Select one of your body part that have less changing instead of other body parts like wrist and ankles. This is a best place to have tattoo lettering. There are wide ranges in designs. You can tattoo your best friend name. You can write your mother name. You can even right your girl friend or boy friend name. You can right in Arabic. Many of them tattooed there body with Bible verses. We have collected some interesting writing tattoos for you. Pick one of your favorite designs and consult it with any professional tattoo artist. Must comment us.

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