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This Too Shall Pass Tattoos


This quotation means that life is temporary everything what we desire what we feel is temporary. The joy what we feel the benefits that we have are temporary this is not permanent. The real life is after death. “This too shall to pass” means the eternity of life. This sentence relates from a story which is written by Eckhart Tolle. This story is of a king of Middle East that was so confuse about his life. When he felt happiness it turns into grief. The king don not have a solution of this problem. He was tired from his life. He decided to take help. A wise man came to him asked about his problem.The king told him everything and said him

that if he gives him the solution of his problem and give him inner piece than he will pay him any price which he wants. He said your entire kingdom cannot pay me that is why I will give it to you as a gift. After some weeks a wise man came with gold ring. In Arabic these words was written on that gold ring “this too shall to pass”. King asked the wise man about that ring. The wise man said whenever you judge something carry this ring with him always watch this quotation before taking your any decision. He said do this and the piece will always be with you. I have collected many designs of this quotation i hope you will like them. If you like these designs must comment us.

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