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Women Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are popular among both men and woman, behind the dragon, both finding a different reason and symbolism .
A women dragon tattoo usually represent “Women as a creator”. Many studies have shown that women become more self confident , strong and assertive due to dragon tattoo.Every Dragon has meaning, position of dragon and colour associate with it also hold symbolic meaning.Generally, women tend to use dragon tattoos to represent: Creator , protector of life, strength.


They can be seen as a creator of life because woman are those who give birth. Women can associate with the dragon in terms of protection because in most cases, mothers will protect their children till the end. Women may see the strength of the dragon and see it embodied in themselves. Women inked tattoos usually on their shoulder, side, neck, upper back, ankle, foot.Remember dragon tattoos for women don’t have to be all about the meaning; after all it’s called body art.  We enjoy body art just as any other art; art for the sake of art.

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