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Taurus Tattoos


If you are searching about Taurus tattoos then this is a right place which gives you all information about Taurus tattoos. There are twelve signs of zodiac and Taurus in on second number. Taurus starts from April 20 to May 20. Taurus is also called the bull. As taurus belongs to bull and it is ruled by the planet Venus. It relates to a girl who wants to travel to the end earth. According to ancient greek religion the zeus is the father of all gods. Zues sent her a bull to start her journey. Many of them say’s that the bull was god himself.Taurus personality is very calm they are cool by mind and they became very less angry. But when they get angry no one can calm them.

They have very smart brain. They like to eat and they are very good business man. They have a sense how to spent money. One thing they do not tolerate that if any one is not responsible in their commitment. They are little slow. They are possessive. They are jealous cruel and selfish. These are some bad things in them. They are very practical. They are very beautiful and rich voice. They are loyal in friendship and in love. They are very mature. They can create things. These are some good things about them. Tattoo them on neck that’s the perfect place to wear these tattoos. The colours which suit them most are red and orange. Metal for them is copper. Daisy flower will suit them. Stone which suit them would be Amethyst. Excellent food for them is celery.

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