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Cancer Tattoos


If you are searching about cancer tattoos then this is a right place which gives you information about cancer tattoos. There are twelve signs of zodiac and cancer is at 4th number. It starts from 21 June to 22 July. Cancer is depicted as a crab. Crab is water element and ruled at moon. It relates to ancient Greeks believes that the Goddess Hera wanted Hercules to lose as he was killing multi headed hydra beast. That’s why she created crab to defeat Hercules but Hercules killed them both and won.

Personality of cancer is very caring. They are very good at business. They are religious by nature. They are collectors too. They trust on others. The bad thing in them is that they are dependent on others. They are emotional and so caring loving. They are sensitive. They are good at social life. They lives in past. They are romantic. They are shrewd. They should have to tattoo on chest. Yellow and the orange are the colours which suits on them. Silver are good for them as metal. In fruits they should have to drink milk. Aquamarine is a good gem for cancer. Moonflower will increase their luck.

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