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Flame Tribal Tattoos

People are so creative when making images. Not just images but images with everlasting meanings. Tattoos were introduced to the world way back 3300 BC. It started with a face tattoo used in identifying animals. As years go by, the art has evolved into face tattoos. Until now, tattoos are widely used and common to teens and western guys. What’s …

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Girly Tribal Tattoos

Both conservative and liberal people are aware of the feminist movement. Because of this movement, women have begun to challenge the idea that some roles are only available to men. Surprisingly, one of the places that this has begun to happen is in the tattoo parlor, because of the rapidly changing styles of tattoos for girls.   Many movies, pictures, …

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Forearm Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are an Aboriginal design of intersecting and overlapping lines in either a jagged or smooth pattern. The design can lay flat and display as a traditional tribal pattern or an artist can manipulate the tribal art into any shape, including that of an animal or even words. You can choose to leave the lines blank or fill them …

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