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Girly Tribal Tattoos

Both conservative and liberal people are aware of the feminist movement. Because of this movement, women have begun to challenge the idea that some roles are only available to men. Surprisingly, one of the places that this has begun to happen is in the tattoo parlor, because of the rapidly changing styles of tattoos for girls.

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Many movies, pictures, magazine advertisements, and television shows display females who have tattoos. Usually, these tattoos can be found on their lower backs, ankles, or hips. No question about it, the women who wear these look sexy. Most often, these designs feature butterflies, flowers, and similar designs.

Each of those mentioned is popular with women, and for an excellent reason. These designs are sexy and appealing to men, and the women wearing them are not going to become tired of seeing those designs. A lot of girls find these tattoos to be perfect selections. These designs hint that the wearer has a feminine nature, and are not so prominent that they attract excessive attention.

Those considering something a little bit more unique in their tattoo, however, need to get creative. Consider your favorite pastimes. Perhaps you really enjoy sports, and want to work something related into your design. Your favorite quote could become the center of a design as well. If you want these designs to look more feminine, you can always have them embellished with ornate flowers or vines.

Just being a girl does not require you to get the kind of tattoo that the majority of people think girls ought to get. If your arms are one of your best features and you want to show them off, consider getting your tattoo there. If you really like your legs and want to have people looking at them often, sign up for a leg tattoo! Anywhere on your body is a good place to get a tattoo.

For those who are undecided, however, consider fueling the fire of your creative juices. Browse through examples of tattoos that others have received. Consider chatting with friends and colleagues who have gotten tattoos, and ask their opinions for places to get ideas. Search the Internet, or check out the local tattoo parlor to seek inspiration.

You can also try some less conventional methods. What’s your favorite movie? Watch it again, and you might find the perfect idea. Do you have a favorite song, or a favorite band? Maybe one of their lyrics is right for you.

The best thing about getting a tattoo is that it is all about YOU. The design choice is YOURS. The location choice is YOURS. Tattoos for girls can be as girly – or as not girly – as you want them to be.

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