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Forearm Tribal Tattoos


Tribal tattoos are an Aboriginal design of intersecting and overlapping lines in either a jagged or smooth pattern. The design can lay flat and display as a traditional tribal pattern or an artist can manipulate the tribal art into any shape, including that of an animal or even words. You can choose to leave the lines blank or fill them in partially or completely with either black or colored ink. For your forearms, there are four different areas ideal for any tribal tattoo — outer, under and back of the forearm as well as wrapping around the entire forearm.


Tribal script can say anything you want it to say, but the amount of words is extremely limited, since the design is supposed to mirror traditional tribal where there wouldn’t be any gaps, which would be necessary if you wanted several words side by side. Instead, choose one word that sums everything up, have your artist convert it into a tribal script and apply it to the back of your forearm. This spot will not twist the image much when your fist rotates, plus single words on both back forearms will read one on top of the other when you stack your arms in front of you.

Lord of the Rings

Hardcore enthusiasts of the “Lord of the Rings” saga, either the books or films, can have the image of the forbidden Mordorian words on the ring of power tattooed as a band wrapping around the meatiest part of your forearm. The words, invented by author J.R.R. Tolkien, already appear as a tribal image that lends itself well to wrapping around an object. You can locate the script online or in the first novel, “The Fellowship of the Ring.”


Traditional tribal art is typically pulled from a tattoo book or designed on the spot by the tattoo artist. Though if you wish to make the tattoo a little more personal, you can always design the tribal pattern yourself. Since the exact shape of this tattoo is not super crucial nor does it need to be seen by the eye all at once, an ideal placement can be on the under portion of your forearm or wrapping around it.


If you want the tribal design on your forearm to be in the shape of an animal, consider the top portion. This is a meaty spot that will not twist the image nearly as much as the under forearm. The animal can be any of your choosing, such as a bear or wolf or the animal of your astrological sign, such as a crab or scorpion. This design does need to be seen all at once, so it should not wrap around your forearm which twists considerably when you rotate your fist.

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