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Steve-O Tattoos

Self-deprecating stuntman, Steve-o wants you to laugh at his tattoos, so much so that he has a gallery of them called “Dumb Tattoos” on his official website.
Steve-O admitted in an interview with Inked Magazine, “Every one of my tattoos is stupid as hell,” and we have photographic proof that the “Jackass” star isn’t lying.Steve-O-Tattoos7

For his birthday, Steve-O commissioned Kat Von D to create this tattoo of himself as a baby, which he describes as “a portrait of a very good-looking two-year-old.

Steve-O went through a creepy phase in which he copied a number of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. This “Billy Bob” tattoo resembles one that Jolie had at one time as a tribute to her then husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie later had the tattoo removed after the couple divorced, but Steve-O kept it around.

This confession of small proportions shows just how far Steve-O will go to get a reaction. Unfortunately, he noticed a few days after getting the tattoo that “wiener” was misspelled

Here we have another Angelina Jolie copycat tattoo. This time, the design imitates a prayer written in Khmer script for Jolie’s son, Maddox.

Steve-O has a very sad looking lightning bolt on his hand to answer for. This tattoo looks like something that was drawn with a red pen during math class and not quite completed before the bell rang.

Steve-O claims that he got this marijuana leaf tattoo in France to help him score weed in foreign countries.

What appears to be a child’s drawing of a happy face was actually tattooed while Steve-O was in the back of a moving truck, filming a segment for one of the “Jackass” movies.

Steve-O bridges gang wars in this warm and fuzzy truce between the Bloods and the Crips. The tattoo was a “Christmas gift” from Steve-O’s friend, 50 Cent, who had his own official tattoo artist create the design. Steve-O explains, “It’s either a sign of peace or an act of suicide. It’s a blood hand lock.”

In a sea of terrible Steve-O tattoos, this lifelike portrait of Steve-O himself certainly stands out. I guess it gives his friends the opportunity to see his face, no matter where they’re standing. The design above Steve-O is what he calls a “Celtic Batman.” Steve-O randomly selected this at a tattoo parlor and admits, “It’s not in the center and it’s lopsided. Thank God I got that humongous back tattoo by Jack Rudy to draw attention away from it.”

This collection of symbols, which looks like they might have been stolen straight from a 16-year-old’s art project, actually has a very important meaning to Steve-O. An eyeball + a heart + the number two + a bone = “I love to bone.”

Steve O initially chose the face in this image because it was the logo of Sonny’s Bar and Grill in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the bar closed down, Steve-O had the sword added, saying “It looks like I killed Santa Claus—or Jerry Garcia.”

Steve-O transformed himself into a walking billboard with this logo for the XYZ clothing company, which, like another company he immortalized in a tattoo, has gone out of business.

Steve-O mixes metaphors in this Christian fish symbol bearing the label “Satan.” It’s confusing. It’s controversial. It’s Steve-O.
Do you think Steve-O is being ironic with his choice of tattoos or does he just have bad taste?

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