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Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx the actor who got all his fame with the movie “Ray” is one of the lead actors you can look out for. His performance in Ray has in fact fetched him a Academy award. After his success like every other Hollywood hero, he too got some wacky tattoos. The tattoos which he has got are of Celtic designs. He has got only 2 tattoos for the time being but it looks like he is going to go for more tattoos. The tattoos are plain black inked but guess there was too much of ink wasted.



Tattoos of Jamie Foxx
Jamie has two tattoos on his body. One which spreads all over his shoulder blades to chest and the other is on his head. Tattooing on the head has become a fashion for most of the Hollywood actors. There is lot of space on the body why do they go for something on the skull. Here are those two mind boggling tattoos Jamie has.

Shoulder and Chest tattoos – He has an elaborate Celtic design which stretches all over his shoulders to his chest. The tattoo is nothing but plain curvilinear lines and are bold. The tattoo would have been better of if it was limited only till his arms or at least shoulders. But the complete look of the tattoo looks a little weird. The tattoo starts from both the sides of the body and it some how looks like a huge tree with dried branches. It starts literally from the elbows and then it ends at the other elbow. The tattoo looks like as if a vine is crawling all over his shoulders. If he intended to make it look like that then he got exactly what he wanted but it doesn’t seem so.

Tattoo on the Head – This is another weird tattoo which Jamie has. This tattoo is also another Celtic design only it looks a little like Batman logo. The tattoo is placed right in the middle of the back of his skull. The tattoo is bold and again is done in plain black ink. The tattoo stretches to about 4 inches on his skull. The tattoo is not that great to look at either and as it is on the skull he always has to shave his head whenever he feels like showing it off. Both his tattoo are in the top 35 worst celebrity tattoos.

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