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Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos are very populer in the Western world. Hawaiian tattoos are very symbolic in nature and people who prefer to ink themselves with tattoos of deeper meaning will like the cool Hawaiian tattoo designs. Hawaiians were very spiritual in nature and the tattooing process was deeply entrenched in ritualistic and spiritual beliefs. Hawaii started making tattoos by using the sharp beaks and claws of birds, spines of fish or different types of bones to make the needle, which they dipp in the ink to make the tattoos.




In the start they started making ink with the comprised ash and mixing it with the coconut or sugarcane juice. At that time there was only one color to make the tattoos that was black which looked striking as their skin color was brown due to sun exposure.
During that time only the royal family was allowed to have the maximum number of tattoos that represent the social standard of the person and only the spiritual person were allowed to perform the task to make the tattoos. At that time there was a belif that the tattoos protect the person who has the tattoo on his body from the evil spirits. Some of the tattoos were considered so powerful to protect from the evil spirits.
Most Hawaiian men tattooed on their chest, face, arms and legs. women tattooed on their wrist, hands and tongues. After passage of the time Hawaiians started tattooing on the slaves on their faces to signify their place in the society.

In the modern age the Hawaiian Tattoos are becoming very populer and making come back because of their tribal tattoo designs.

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