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Cultural Tattoos

Maori Tattoos

Maori tattoos were brought by the Maori people to the New Zealand from their homelands. The Maori name for tattoos, particularly facial tattoos are ‘moko’, and the process of making it is called ‘ta moko’. There is no specific date that when the Maori people adoped this art. There is a possibility that the Maori tattoo was simply brought to …

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Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos are very populer in the Western world. Hawaiian tattoos are very symbolic in nature and people who prefer to ink themselves with tattoos of deeper meaning will like the cool Hawaiian tattoo designs. Hawaiians were very spiritual in nature and the tattooing process was deeply entrenched in ritualistic and spiritual beliefs. Hawaii started making tattoos by using the …

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Mexican Tattoos

The Mexican tattoos are very meaningful and the people who get these tattoos on their body hold a special place in the people to describe themselves. Mexican Tattoos have thier own meanings and if you decide to have them on your body you must know the meaning of the specific tattoo. There are lots of popular ones and you would …

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