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Girly Cross Tattoos

Girly cross tattoos are usually concerned with Religion. Girly cross tattoos represent the spiritual life of man it means that to be a Judeo-Christian or not. Cross tattoos have more than 20 categories but Girly cross tattoos have two categories. 1st one is known as Christian Inspired Cross Tattoos and 2nd is known as Popular Non-Christian Cross Tattoos. As there are different girly cross tattoos so they have different types of different designs.


These designs help anybody to understand the symbolic meaning of each cross tattoo.I’m going to tell you some different Non-Christian and Popular Christian Tattoos and what are their symbolic meanings and origin below:

1- Christian Inspired Girl Cross Tattoos

  • Cross of Triumph Tattoo is similar to
    atin Cross tattoo, it represents the universal triumph of the Gospel throughout the world. Cross of triumph tattoo has a large circle at its base and a small t alphabet looking shape upside down in circle.
  • 3-Step Cross/Graded Cross Tattoo is a type of girly cross tattoos. At bottom of this tattoo there are steps to bottom of Latin cross. It is symbol of love, faith and hope from top to down.

2-Non-Christian Girl Cross Tattoos

  • Greek Cross Tattoo symbolizes God Anu and sky. It’s associated with sun worship and known as an equilateral cross too.
  • Chinese Cross Tattoo symbolizes earth. There are four Chinese characters are written on it which means Jesus Christ. Like it is said in Chinese, “God fashioned the earth in the form of a cross.”
Girly-Cross-Tattoos-1 Girly-Cross-Tattoos-2 Girly-Cross-Tattoos-3 HITACHI
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