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Heart Cross Tattoos

Heart Cross Tattoo is another famous type of cross tattoos. It is almost same to cross tattoos but has one difference that it contains a heart. The cross entering through heart or heart drawn on the upper starting point of cross is design of the Heart Cross Tattoo. It symbolizes faith, love and hope. As heart is sign of love so heart cross tattoos are mostly used to symbolize love. Besides this it also used to symbolize many other things like I’ve written above.Most importantly faith, love and hope depend on which bible version someone believes in. Heart Cross tattoo is also called a “sacred heart”. Sacred heart symbolizes the sacred heart of Jesus, Christianity’s sign for eternal faith in the blessed trinity. It is symbol of Christ sacrifice especially in roman Catholic Church. 

It tells the redeeming love of God as source of illumination and happiness hence the thorns representing the Crown of Thorns that Christ wore on the Cross. Heart cross tattoo also signifies the loyalty of someone. That’s why in secret talks people mostly say that “cross my heart I’ll never tell this to anyone”. This shows that by not telling anyone someone’s talk, he is showing loyalty to him. These kinds of tattoos are mostly tattooed on backs, neck and hands of human body to show how much they love and have faith in their God or Jesus. These kinds of tattoos are also used to show love for someone or to be loyal to some or how much he/she believes in that person.

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