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Foot Star Tattoos

Star foot tattoos are the coolest category of foot tattoos. Foot tattoos are getting so much popular especially in women in last couple of years. Tattoos on foot provide a flat space they look so attractive. Tattoos on foot looks cool but on the other hand many tattoo artist not suggest to have these designs on your foot as there are many draw backs of tattoos having on foot.  In comparison of any other spots on foot have so much pain.


The reason is that where the skin of your body is closer to bone will hurt you more. There for upper shoulders and upper arms are better places to have tattoos they less pain you. These tattoos can easily blur and tattoos on foot need extra care. Top of your foot is perfect spot and your tattoo will be safe. The best time for having these tattoos on foot is summer.Keep your new tattoo away from sun. Regular wash and clean your foot avoid to rub it. Don’t swim until your healing process get over. Try to find a professional tattoo artist because it is a sensitive matter. The process of heali

ng on foot tattoos is slower. The good thing is in foot tattoo is that they can be hide easily. These are some steps which you should have to adopt before having tattoos on your foot.


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