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Nautical Star Tattoos

If you are searching about nautical star tattoos then this is a blog which will not only increase your information about nautical stars but also you can have very nice and beautiful designs. Tattoos are the modern way to express their feelings and looks with the help of tattoos. Tattoos have meanings depend upon situations and circumstances. If we talk about nautical star tattoos, nautical star tattoos are the most masculine design in star tattoos. Nautical star tattoos are also known as North Star as three wise kings found their way to Bethlehem with the help of North Star.


Before compasses the sailors travels in their ships with the help of North Star. Nautical star tattoos also known as compass star tattoos. These tattoos are for guidance and for protection. These nautical star tattoos giving us a message to make your own path. Nautical star tattoos are perfect choice for sailors. These tattoos are for coming back home safely. Many soldiers also have these tattoos for the same reason. Nautical star tattoos are known for a light in darkness.In Ireland nautical star is a symbol of good health in their hospitals you can see many nautical stars. These nautical star tattoos are so much popular in gay and lesbian community as they have special meanings. Many of them tattooed these designs on their wrist. They can also hide them by wearing watch or bracelet. I have collected many designs for you and I hope that you have increased your knowledge about nautical star tattoos.

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Nautical-Star-Tattoos-6 Nautical-Star-Tattoos-7 Nautical-Star-Tattoos-9 Nautical-Star-Tattoos-11

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