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Flower Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos have become very popular among the women folk. They certainly do beautify the look of the feet. At the same time, concealing these tattoos is also not a difficult task. Depending upon the flower design, the tattoo has to be placed at the appropriate point on the foot. Although there are a number of tattoo designs one can choose from, flower tattoos on foot are a big hit with a number of women. This can be attributed to the fact, that there are numerous flower tattoo designs from which one can choose one. You may want to consider flower tattoos and their meanings, before you decide on a tattoo design. We will see the ideas for flower tattoos on foot and ankle, but before that we will read a little about the placement of the foot tattoos.

Choosing Flower Tattoos on FeetIn selecting suitable flower tattoos on feet, it is better if you choose a flower which has a symbolic meaning to you. You can check out flower meanings to determine which one would best suit the message you want to convey to the people. You can even use astrology to check which flower is the symbol that corresponds to your zodiac sign. When deciding on a permanent flower tattoo design, simply keep in mind that you need to choose one which you would love to have for years.Different Kinds of Flower Tattoos on Feet

Lily Flower Tattoo
Typically, a lily symbolizes purity, nevertheless, there are several different types of lily tattoo patterns. Lily flower tattoos really look cute and feminine on the feet. There are different meaning for these tattoos, such as innocence and fertility. Tiger lilies represent pride and prosperity, orange lilies refer to hatred, whereas calla lilies relate to beauty.

Lotus Flower Tattoo
Lotus flower tattoos are preferred by a majority of the people, just for the sake of their meaning. They relate to purity and spiritual awakening. These are also applied on the back, neck, shoulders, or arms.

Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo
Cherry blossom flower tattoos largely contribute to feminine appearance, and as a result, they are most preferred options in flower tattoos for girls. In China, these tattoos display feminine beauty and love; whereas in Japan, they represent the brevity of life, as cherry blossoms bloom for a very short amount of time.

Rose Flower Tattoo
Rose flower tattoos on feet have invariably been popular for several years. Generally, they have different meanings for different people around the globe. For the Greek and Roman community, roses meant love and beauty, whereas for the Christians, they represent the Virgin Mary. For the ancient Egyptians, they meant the worship offered to Goddess Isis who they consider to be an ideal mother and wife. Red rose tattoos represent love, romance, and courage; whereas pink color rose tattoos add a feminine touch and display grace and admiration. If you want to get a tattoo done that relates to everlasting love and innocence, then the white rose tattoo is right for you. Tattoos of rose buds pertain to beauty and juvenile.

Sunflower Tattoo
These tattoos have different significances according to their size. A small sunflower tattoo represents adoration, while a bigger one symbolizes dedication. Big sunflower tattoos on feet really look amazing due to their striking color and size. But to keep the sunflower shining, you need to take proper care of the tattoo.

These are just a few of the many flower tattoos on feet that are popular. Other flower tattoos include daisy tattoos which represent commitment in faith, love and purity; hibiscus tattoos which denote delicate beauty; orchid tattoos which refer to something mysterious; and violets flower tattoos which relate to faithfulness and modesty. A majority of the flower tattoos have a feminine meaning, therefore they are mostly worn by women.

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