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Lily Tattoos

LILY TATTOOS AND HISTORY The lily flower is one of the most widely known and recognized flowers in the entire world. To a variety of cultures all around the world, the lily flower is very symbolic and important. The beauty of this exotic flower makes for a great tattoo design for anyone. In this article, you will be able to …

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Types of Butterfly Tattoos Picture Ideas & Meaning

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Tattoo designs based on butterfly styles are growing especially among young ladies. The butterfly body art styles style is handy, enabling the specialist to emphasize different factors of a butterfly style to create the preferred effect. This includes putting focus on strong, warm colors for a attractive look or playing up the size of the pizza and using animated features …

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Japanese flower tattoos

Japan is the land of Samurai warriors, mythical beasts and, not to forget, beautiful works of art. Tattooing is an ancient art in Japan and historians have traced the origin back to 5000 B.C.They also have evidence which can prove that this art may have existed even before that. The traditional name for tattooing in Japan is irezumi. Literally translated …

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Butterfly Rose Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most symbolic tattoo designs in the world and it is one of the most popular tattoo choices among women. Women choose the butterfly tattoo for its symbolic meanings and for the overall beauty of this amazing tattoo design. The butterfly tattoo is sure to be an eye catcher and it comes in a variety …

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Flower Butterfly Tattoos

When we think of flower tattoo designs, what immediately comes to mind are cherry blossoms, lily, lotus, roses and Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus, plumeria and orchids. These flowers have long proven themselves to be form fitting and exquisite looking when tattooed on a woman’s body. Even if a lot of tat enthusiasts already have them, there are tons of ways …

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Tribal Flower Tattoos

Most people are not aware that tattoos began as a part of rituals of different tribes and ethnic groups. It used to signify a meaningful phase in the life of the person receiving the symbol. The rituals could be rather long and painful for the one having it done, but this thought does not usually entered their mind because having …

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Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Over the years, the Hawaiian flower tattoos has become increasingly popular. The Hawaiian flower tattoos are also known to be the symbolism of beauty and feminine and thus, the reason why it has become such a popular choice of tattoo design for the ladies.It comes in various sizes, colors and even different level of details. But, do you know that …

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Flower Sleeve Tattoos

One of the most popular types of tattoo is the sleeve tattoo. These tattoos are not just arm tattoos, like what most people know. They are tattoos that look like sleeves because they cover a large area of one part of the body (e.g. an arm or leg) with little or no skin showing.   These tattoos have intricate designs …

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