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Butterfly Rose Tattoos


The butterfly tattoo is one of the most symbolic tattoo designs in the world and it is one of the most popular tattoo choices among women. Women choose the butterfly tattoo for its symbolic meanings and for the overall beauty of this amazing tattoo design. The butterfly tattoo is sure to be an eye catcher and it comes in a variety of different designs and styles. The tribal butterfly is one example. Butterflies can also be done in Celtic art.


In the brotherhood, or in this case sisterhood, of ink (once you get a tattoo…you’re a card-carrying member) the most popular design sported by women of all walks of life from all over the world is the butterfly. Whether combined with a flower tattoo design (roses, lilies, daisies or sunflowers) or a vine tattoo design (typically done as a butterfly armband) or a wispy-thin tribal tattoo design, butterfly tattoos have a versatility that few tattoo designs have. Aside from the beauty of symmetry, shape, hue and infinite variety in pattern (like snowflakes, no two butterflies are totally alike) of these imaginative designs, butterfly tattoos can literally be placed anywhere on the body.

A butterfly tattoo on a woman usually acknowledges “woman as the free spirit.” Like butterflies in nature, the female “blossoms” from a girl to a woman, equipped with the gift to create and harvest new life. No matter where the butterfly tattoo is placed on the body, it serves as a portal to release and draw in the energies of life, the essences of human souls. A butterfly tattoo is a talisman that focuses the awesome power that is contained within all women.

Now, the types of women who get butterfly tattoo designs are as diverse as the patterns on the butterfly’s wings. These women can be creative, delicately lovely, patient, observant, and intelligent, in tune with nature, deeply committed to friendships and virginal. But they can also be pedantic, shrewd, judicious, aristocratic and reserved.

There are a few different locations that the butterfly ankle tattoo can be placed. Some people choose to get their butterfly tattoo just below the ankles, more so on the top of their foot. Others may choose to get their design on the bottom of the heel. The heel can also be a starting point for a butterfly tattoo design or an ending spot. Others may start on the outside of the ankle and work their way up the leg, but not very far. Some even choose to have their butterfly design run toward the knee. So even though it is an ankle design, there are still a few different locations that you will want to consider before you get your tattoo.

The butterfly tattoo comes in a variety of different designs as well. There are many things that can be portrayed with your butterfly tattoo design. Trail ink is commonly associated with butterfly tattoos. This gives the tattoo the appearance of movement. Some of these types of designs are absolutely beautiful when done right. Other designs may include trail ink lines in the design, but they don’t portray movement. All this does is adds beauty and uniqueness to the design. The butterfly tattoo design gives you the option to be creative.


There are much more things that can be added to a butterfly tattoo besides trail ink marks. Since the butterfly tattoo is associated with the dragonfly tattoo and the fairy tattoo, there are tattoo designs that portray all three in a single design. These types of tattoos are considered fantasy tattoos. All three of these tattoos share symbolic meanings. You can also add flowers, plants, stars, ladybugs, and trees. The option is yours in the end though. Some people choose to get a single butterfly tattoo, but many women feel like one butterfly is not enough for this particular design. Either option you take, there is a lot you can for your butterfly tattoo design.

A common color combination that you see a lot in butterfly tattoos is blue, pink, and purple. Actually, a relative large percentage of butterfly tattoos often portray these three colors. They are commonly associated with the same color flowers or trail ink. Other women prefer to add multiple colors to their butterfly design. This is a very important decision that you will have to consider before you get your butterfly tattoo. You need to think about what colors you want to choose for your design. There are plenty of pictures in this article to give you a typical idea. This is probably one of the hardest things to consider in the process.

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