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Black Tribal Tattoos

Black Tribal Tattoo  is actually one of the most sought after tattoos worldwide. There is a certain fixation for mythical creatures as tattoos and a black tribal tattoo tops this list. Tribal of other colors can also be included in some of the more requested tattoos. Other mythical beasts that are popular in tattoos are mermaids and unicorns.


Are you thinking about a large tattoo? Black tribal dragon tattoos will make a great tattoo going down an arm or along the shoulders. Because of the detail of the dragon design and adding the tribal influences, a large tattoo would be good because you would be able to see all the details. How will you decide on the type of tattoo?

Black Tribal Tattoo Ink Composition

Usually, black tattoo ink is made from powdered crystals and minerals as well as some extract from soot. Some temporary black dragon tattoo inks may be made from black henna, which has some negative side effects. Temporary tattoos are applied externally compared to a needle piercing one’s skin to apply the tattoo ink internally. These temporary tattoos usually last more than a week even up to three weeks, depending on how often you wash the skin it is applied on. The henna is applied on the skin and left to dry for about an hour or so and then washed off. The longer the henna is left on the skin the darker the temporary tattoo is.

Black ink is commonly used to outline a tattoo or to make shades of grey for a grey and black tattoo. A black dragon tattoo can be in any shade of grey and black for the shadings and can also be outlined in grey to contrast the black ink used for the Black Tribal Tattoos.

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