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Horse Tattoos

Tattoo of horses are for those who spend their maximum time with horses. If you are riding a horse and there is a beautiful tattoo on your upper arm it will look amazing and if you are a girl and you have a tattoo on your leg it will change your personality totally. You would feel excellent change in yourself. …

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Black Tribal Tattoos

Black Tribal Tattoo  is actually one of the most sought after tattoos worldwide. There is a certain fixation for mythical creatures as tattoos and a black tribal tattoo tops this list. Tribal of other colors can also be included in some of the more requested tattoos. Other mythical beasts that are popular in tattoos are mermaids and unicorns. Are you thinking …

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Black Tattoos

What Are Tattoo Inks? The short answer to the question is: You can’t be 100% certain! Manufacturers of inks and pigments are not required to reveal the contents. A professional who mixes his or her own inks from dry pigments will be most likely to know the composition of the inks. However, the information is proprietary (trade secrets), so you …

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