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Black And Grey Tattoos

Before you head to the tattoo shop spend some time going over popular types of tattoo art styles to ensure you pick a tattoo design that fits your personal preferences and taste. While you may not know which tattoo style you fancy, the more you explore art techniques you’re bound to see a bit of pattern in your interests.


From dragons and Asian tattoos that are rich in heritage and culture, tattoos have a certain look and history about them that can place them into distinct categories.

Treat your body like you would any other form of fine art and be sure you explore all different art styles and interpretations before you make a permanent mark. While tribal and old school tattoos are some of the more popular forms, black and grey portraits tattoos are a timeless choice if you like fine details.

Refresh your art knowledge and find your true tattoo style and you’ll be one step ahead in designing the perfect tattoo.

Once you’ve narrowed down your art style you can try and find an artist who specializes in that type of tattooing. From there you can explore styles and design ideas to further enhance your body piece and enrich its meaning.

Fine line black and grey

Fine line black and grey tattoos originated in the Chicano communities of East LA during the 1970s. The use of a single-needle created fine lines with smooth and subtle shading in varied shades of black and grey. Once infamous amongst prison mates, today these artsy sketches include roses, memorial and portrait pieces..

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