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Beautiful Hand Skull Tattoo


Skulls have been used in art for centuries as an omen or sign of the end of something. A person’s brain recognizes a human skull instantly and is drawn to this skeletal remainder of a person just as they would be drawn to a living, breathing human being. This connection is what gives skull tattoo designs such power – the eye is drawn to the tattoo and the mind assigns a wealth of meaning to the ink.


The human skull is often used in artworks to represent mortality, death, knowledge or humanity. The skull is the base on which the human face resides, the unseen support structure beneath every frown and smile. It is ever-present in living human beings but it is often unconsidered, giving images of human skulls a mysterious, curious air.

Hand tattoos are one of the few taboos left when it comes to body art (closely following face, and neck tattoos). Tattooing in the hand is quit uncommon but is popular among some circles. The hand is the part of the body which is in the very near vicinity of eyes where there is hardly less time where the eyes does not focus your hand.

So, today in this post I have collected very beautiful hand skull tattoos designs for your inspiration. You can take tattoo designs ideas from our hand tattoo designs.

Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-1 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-2 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-3 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-4
Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-5 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-6 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-7 Beautiful-Hand-Skull-Tattoo-8

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