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Upper Back Tribal Tattoos

Are you contemplating getting a tribal upper back tattoo? Whatever design you may decide on getting, it will basically reflect your personality and your aesthetic taste. Once you have decided, the hardest and most important part comes: searching for the perfect design to put on your skin. Time and effort is mandatory in finding this perfect design. It can make or break your tattoo and how people will appreciate it. Take the time and the effort, it is definitely worth doing.
Ideas for Upper Back Tribal Tattoos
One of the advantage of having a tattoo on the upper back is that there is larger space available and hence, one can go for elaborate tattoo designs. Secondly, these tattoos can be camouflaged with clothes when one does not wish to flaunt.
Tribal Lion Tattoo
The lion is one of the awe-inspiring creatures in the world. As it is known as the King of the Jungle, it is associated with all the qualities related to a leader. A lion symbolizes might, strength, power, force and vitality. Also, as a leader, the lion is also considered as a protector and guardian. A tribal lion tattoo can be made in different forms like the roaring lion, angry lion, peaceful lion, etc. Secondly, people born under the sun sign Leo can also sport tribal lion tattoos.Tribal Dragon Tattoo
The dragon, although a mythical figure, is also one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. The dragon is found in mythical stories, folk tales and fairly tales in nearly all parts of the world. In most of the tales, the dragon is symbolized as the keeper of castles, etc. and hence, is associated with qualities like strength, vigor and power. Peculiarly, in some cultures, meanings like wisdom and wit are also associated with the dragon. Tribal dragon tattoos are simply perfect to draw on the upper back, because of the availability of the larger surface area.Tribal Cross Tattoo
The cross has been one of the widely used and most recognized symbols in the world. The cross is the symbol of Christianity and hence, stands for faith, religion and spirituality. The Egyptian cross is also equally popular and favored by many people all over the world. You can go for the simple cross design or be creative and come up with different ideas like the cross with wings, etc.Tribal Sun Tattoo
Sun tattoos also represent more or less similar qualities as that of the lion tattoos. The sun was worshiped in nearly all parts of the world in ancient times. The sun also symbolizes reincarnation, fertility, motherhood, etc. The sun, drawn together with the moon, symbolizes the union of the male and the female and hence, is one of the best tribal upper back tattoos for men and women. Sun tattoos can be drawn in different forms like the smiling sun, angry sun, etc. The flames of the sun can be drawn in attractive designs in the tribal tattoo form.Before going for a permanent tattoo, as a word of caution, one should remember that tattoo making and removal is a painful process. Lastly, a tattoo should always be made by a professional artist to prevent the risk of infection. Good luck!

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