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Tribal Rose Tattoos

A rose is a perennial flower, belonging to the genus rosa. There are about 100 species of roses, which are found all over the world. Most of the species are native to Asia and a small percent of the species are native to Europe, North America and northwest Africa. Roses have always been valued for their beauty and have a very long history of symbolism. In the 16th century, roses were given to prisoners who were given a death sentence.


Among all flower tattoos, rose tattoos are the most chosen tattoo designs. However, now the meaning attached to the rose tattoos has undergone an enormous amount of change. When you decide to get a rose tattoo, you need to remember that each color has its own importance and significance. Although tribal tattoos are normally made in monotone black color, it can also be made more colorful. Also, different types of roses have special meanings attached to them.

Tribal Rose Tattoo Meaning

When we think of a rose, it is natural that we come to think of love, purity and beauty. This is precisely the reason why rose tattoos are popular among women tattoo lovers. Tribal roses add a twist to the meaning of roses. For the Romans and the ancient Greeks, the rose symbolized love and beauty and it was identified with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. The mystical rose, for the Christians, symbolized Virgin Mary. Like the Romans and Greeks, ancient Egyptians, worshiped the Goddess Isis, said to be the ideal mother and wife, with roses.

In the modern-day, different colors of the roses stand for different attributes. Red roses symbolize true love, passion and romantic feelings, while a pink rose represents grace, gentleness and admiration. Love at first sight is denoted with a lavender rose flower and with a thornless rose. A white rose stands for innocence, purity and virtuous living, whereas a burgundy rose is known to represent beauty. Yellow roses have eternally represented friendship and joy, an orange rose symbolizes desire and fascination while a black rose stands for death. Different combination of roses together also have different meanings attached to them. For example, red and white roses together represent unity. However, if you choose to get only a single rose tattooed, it means ‘I love you’.


Although rose tattoos have distinctive feminine appeal, there are also masculine aspects which are intertwined with the imagine. Hence, very often you will come across people who opt for tribal rose tattoos, as opposed to the more literal depiction of traditional roses. It is the dark colors of these tattoos, such as black, etc., along with sharp edges, which makes it a great unisex choice. Tribal roses tattoo designs can also be combined with crosses, skulls, angels and fairies as well as with koi fish tattoos.

If you are looking for striking images of rose tattoos, then you can have a monotone scene, where you can depict a person, a scroll with stylized writing along with a large, bold tribal red rose growing alongside it. In case you want to depict yin and yang equilibrium, then choose to get a rose tattoo along with the thorns. The flower is a symbol of femininity, while on the other hand, the thorns are seen as a symbol of masculinity. The other variation, in yin and yang symbolism is to depict dark and light thorn roses intertwined and placed together. The other variation, you may want to look at is the black rose tattoo.

They can be big, bold and colorful, or they can also be small and monotone. You can get an intricate design or a simple design. Depending on your choice, you can get the tattoo made, but it will certainly have a good amount of meaning and emotion attached to it.

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