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Tribal Foot Tattoos

Many women love foot tattoo designs as it has become the latest craze among youth. They make a room for imagination and talent. There are many popular designs and ideas for women going in for getting a tattoo. Butterflies, fairies, flowers, hearts, dragonflies, religious symbols, stars, suns, and tribal designs seem to be the standard for most female tattoos. Foot tattoo designs for women are very appropriate for women who want to show off their legs, or would want people to notice them.


So, here in this post I have compiled a list of most beautiful women foot tattoos designs for your inspiration. Hope this article on foot tattoo designs for women has given you amazing designs on how to make your feet beautiful. So, go get a tattoo close to your nature.

Tribal tattoos were originally used to signify position or ranking within clans and tribes. These tattoos were also used to help distinguish tribes and relatives from each other. Today there might be some changes with regards to why people get it but the bonds between people who get similar tattoos remain the same. Another reason why a tribal tattoo is special is because of the fact that it represents power. In the past tattoos such as this one are used to indicate the rank of a warrior.

A rank which depends on how many battles he has fought and won. It was also believed that a tribal tattoo serves as some sort of talisman, a source of protection and magic against unwanted spirits. During those times the tattoo was often done in the arms or in the legs, however, most modern tribal tattoos today can be seen on people’s ankles. People seem to like the look of it wrapped around the ankles that a tribal ankle tattoo has become one of the most requested designs.

However, it’s not just in the ankles that one can get it done. It can also be placed on the arms, the calves, the chest and the back. A tribal tattoo that is used as a back piece is most likely going to be big and very elaborate in nature thus covering the entirety of the person’s back. A tribal ankle tattoo is also top choice among men, for obvious reasons. It might not be as feminine as a flower but it can also work on women. Simple yet elegant, a tribal tattoo is definitely a classic design.

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