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Tree Tattoos

Tree is the most important living element and life is impossible without the trees. Tree tattoos have also their symbolic values and the tree tattoos can vary in designs, styles, types, sizes and colors. As they are getting popular day by day especially in the women and young girls tree tattoo designs can be portrayed in a variety of different ways. When we come to the tree tattoo designs, there are so many options because of the different trees and the types of the trees.

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Many tree tattoos are inked into the skin with only one color of ink, usually black. In these tattoo designs, the silhouette of the tree is very important. If the tattoo artist doesn’t leave enough room between the smaller twigs and/or leaves, the tattoo will settle over time to become a blurry mess of ink. This is why single color tree tattoos are often stylized rather than realistic, as the tattoo artist has more control over the placement of the ink. Tree tattoos can be placed on the different parts of the body, same in the tree tattoos can portray several different parts of the tree, certain areas of the tree, or different combinations like tree tattoo without leaves, tree without branches, tree with roots and the tree branches full with the leaves and flowers. The cherry blossom tattoo represents femininity and beauty. Although these tattoos are popular in Asia, it is also popular in many parts of the world. To make the tree tattoo more beautiful girls add different cute things like hearts, birds and stars.


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