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Tiger Lily Tattoos

Tiger Lily Tattoo Designs

In America the Tiger Lily can be found on many areas of the road where it remains wet and damp, with the beautiful orange flowers with black dots providing enjoyment to the viewers.

Those great colors also provide inspiration for people seeking interesting and unique tattoo flower designs, as does the shape of the ubiquitous flower.


Some of the meanings of the Tiger Lily include pride and prosperity, and in some religions is considered representative of compassion and mercy.

As to the color orange in and of itself, that’s a symbol of excitement, energy and balance. Putting it all together you get some pretty significant meaning in relationship to the Tiger Lily, making it a good tattoo design choice.

Tiger Lily Tattoo Placement

Although there are occasional exceptions, the majority of areas of the body the Tiger Lily is preferred to be placed by people is the more narrow parts like the foot and arms.

Some who want more elaborate designs look toward the back and other larger parts of the body as the canvass for their ink.

Tiger Lily Tattoo on Back

We’ll start off this Tiger Lily tattoo gallery with a design that is unusual in the genre for its placement and size, as well as the large number of ancillary flowers centered around the beautiful lily, helping to accentuate it.

All of it looks great and the Tiger Lily is very well done by the artist.

Tiger Lily on Forearm with Scrolling

This is also a nice flower tattoo design. While the Tiger Lily isn’t up to the quality of the first one, the rest of the design has a lot going for it.

My favorite part is the black background strategically placed between the petals of the flower. It helps it stand out. The scrolling flowing out of some of that dark background is a nice design choice as well.

Tribal Tiger Lily Tattoo on Foot

It didn’t surprise me to find a tribal tattoo design including a Tiger Lily, as probably every type of tattoo theme out there is sure to have a tribal interpretation and representation included with it.

My only question was what it would look like with the Tiger Lily, and I wasn’t disappointed. What did surprise me was the decision to have the flower retain its color rather than be totally black or a dark shade of grey. It works for me, and doesn’t clash like I thought it might have.

Fairy Wings as Tiger Lily

I was really impressed with the creativity accompanying this Tiger Lily tattoo. Using the flower in a way that it retains its look while being recognized as the wings of the fairy is very cool.

Even though it is an unfinished tattoo, I like that it was in that condition so the wings of the fairy in the shape and color of the Tiger Lily could be seen more clearly.

Tiger Lily Tattoo with Foliage on Forearm

While this is a very good tattoo, my only qualm about it is the use of dark, almost cloud-like color in the background of the design. Rather than push the Tiger Lily to the foreground of the image, it seems to somewhat take away from it, making it a little harder to see the detail.

Tiger Lily with Subtle Color

From the moment I set my eyes on this particular tattoo I really liked it. The way the coloring was applied, and also left out, gives a really cool effect. In this case we have the right use of a dark background color, this time as more of a shaded border than anything else, helping to outline the very light color of the flower nicely.

Also notice the very light color used on parts of the flower to bring up more definition and outline as well. Great job!

Tiger Lily Tattoos

Being an avid gardener and fan of all sorts of art, I really enjoy it when the two are combined as they are hear to create some very cool works of art to be placed on a permanent canvass.

You never know what you’re going to find when looking for these types of designs and ideas, and I was surprised with a couple of the tattoos at the quality and creativity employed in their design, with most of them looking very good.

A Tiger Lily is obviously a fantastic choice and option for those looking for a unique piece of art to be inked on their body.

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