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Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve tattoo could be the collection of small tattoos or it could be a one large tattoo on the sleeve usually covers most or all of the sleeve of the wearer. Sleeve tattoo could be just on the sleeve or it could be start from the shoulder to the wrist. Half sleeves or quarter sleeves are tattoos that cover only part of an arm usually above the elbow but can also be found below the elbow.

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A sleeve implies complete tattoo coverage of a particular area, so a half sleeve is a tattoo that covers the entire upper or lower arm and quarter sleeve usually covers the area of skin from the shoulder midway to the elbow. Sleeve tattoo is created when a person has many smaller tattoos on his/her arm and later has them connected with background tattooing to form a sleeve.
Sleeve tattoos are very popular among the men as compare to the women. Some organizations have managed the rules by banning the sleev tattoos to their members like US Marine corps. Us Marrines are prohabited to get an arm tattoo or leg tattoo. The tattoo artists have introduced so many sleeve tattoos according to the choice of a wearer like combining the many small tattoos on the sleeve or a large tattoo that covers the full sleeve. Many people like to have a sleeve tattoo which only cover the upper or lower sleeve which also look great and eye catching. Now the girls are also developing keen interest to have a sleeve tattoo but their choice can be quite different from the men as they like cute tattoos.

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